V-belts include not only traditional classical and narrow profiled belts, but also Double-V and FHP belts. When synchronization or timing is not required, V-belts make an excellent low-cost, quiet and efficient means of transmitting power. However, not all V-belts perform the same. Depending on your application and your objectives, some V-belts will be better at getting you closer to your end goal.


Effectively handling drives up to 750 kW, these belts rank high in kWh per cost, the ultimate measure of drive value. The narrow belt cross sections (3V, 5V, 8V) and (SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC) offer higher power capacity for any sheave size and weight.


The most widely used V-belts are Z, A, B, C and D classical belts. Used more out of habit and convenience than design, these belts can handle fractional to 375 kW drives, usually at the lowest cost.